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This session was impromptu but oh-so worth it! Ever since my DJI came in I have been DYING to take it out and grab some footage but. you guys... I have been terrified of crashing it. Like TERRIFIED. So I figured as long as I took it somewhere with minimal interference then I should be okay. We literally planned it 1 hour before we were shooting and by shooting I mean trouble-shooting... it took almost 45 minutes to figure out how to get the drone to actually work but the end result was better than I could have expected.

(sorry about the poor-quality, to see in high-quality check out the full version on my instagram @jackilynboehme)

Jaimie + Dylan were such troopers and seriously the most candid couple ever. They were down to do anything -from climbing trees, to getting in the water (which I wasn't actually evil enough to make them do seeing as how AZ decided to have a snow storm like 5 days ago?!?!?). Anywayyyy I seriously could follow them around all day and just film their interactions. They were the cutest!

Something about the spontaneity of it all - from planning minutes before we went to film, picking wildflowers off the side of the road, climbing in the groves nearby, and walking along the beach. GOOD TIMES.

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