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Because the Internet Needed Another Blogger!!

It's so funny to me that the drive to start blogging is stemming from the need to better build my business. Never in a million years did I think I would own my own business- and quite frankly, I still don't really consider myself a business owner/entrepreneur, but nevertheless, here I am! I actually used to write in a blog that I kept very private and really only turned to when I had a lot of thoughts that I felt were better left privately written somewhere than verbalized. But I love writing and always thought that would be where I ended up. Kinda ironic how the tables turned (cue the Jonas Brothers...iykyk) but I'm so happy to have an excuse to actually blog now!

I'm sure if you've stumbled upon this section of my website it's either 1) by mere accident or 2) because you want to get a better feel for what working with me will be like! Either way, this is what I'm like!! I'm super outgoing and very talkative. I like lengthy intros, retail therapy, dancing and being around people! I also consider myself somewhat of a "Jack-of-all-trades" (pun intended) because I love learning new skills and SOMETIMES I'm good at them! While I would consider myself first and foremost a videographer in terms of careers, I've also worked towards developing skills in (aka had jobs in) child-care, psychology, cooking, makeup artistry, communications, education/teaching, dance (lol), and interior design.

A lot of these fields that I've worked in have been super fun and definitely something I heavily considered pursuing full-time but nothing has filled my cup as much as being a photographer and videographer. I get to explore so many avenues of my own interests and character in this field and it inspires me! I have been able to grow a business from scratch, meet so many new and amazing people - clients, vendors, and people who just appreciate the work, I get to blog!!!, and I get to create content that both expresses my creativity and will be cherished by someone. l absolutely love love love what I do!

When I started this post I had zero plans for where it was going but I'm not mad about where it ended.



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